Coffee Fundraising

The coffee fundraiser allows you to sell Crystal Coffee. In doing so, you will receive 40% of your sales and turn in 60% with your order form. Download the order form for your location. Note: Please pay attention to order form due dates.

HuTerra Rewards

With HuTerra Rewards 100% of your net earned rewards are donated to One Wisconsin Volleyball. 90% of your earned funds go directly towards your child's volleyball club dues. The other 10% is used to buy better equipment and helps keep the cost down for our club. With every dollar you spend, you can help keep this the best and most dynamic club in the state!

HuTerra Rewards allows you to offset your club fees by shopping for the things you already need (gas, groceries, home goods) at participating local businesses and hundreds of online stores, including: Amazon, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Macy’s, Gander Sports, and 100s more.

Getting started is simple, easy and fun!

  • Download the ‘My HuTerra’ app and setup your account.
  • Search for One Wisconsin Volleyball Club under "Add a Fundraiser" and select your player’s name.
  • Shop at businesses on the app including local businesses and hundreds of name brand online stores.
  • Scan and submit your receipts via the My HuTerra App and you're done!

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